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Our Team

Greg Fogle

Anne, Greg and _

Founder, President

Greg Fogle is the Founder and President of the Between The Strings Project, bringing two decades of dedicated collaboration with musicians and music enthusiasts. Fueled by a passion for transforming dreams into reality, Greg initiated Between The Strings as a streaming service during the challenges of the COVID-19 era.

As a Colorado native deeply entrenched in the music industry, Greg recognized a strong desire for local music in El Remate. The project's mission expanded beyond borders, aiming to educate both children and adults about Mayan music and culture while fostering a global musical exchange. A key aspect of Greg's vision is his desire to have children learn music, believing that early musical education can transform lives and build stronger communities. In addition to his work with the project, Greg owns multiple tech companies, where he applies his innovative mindset and leadership skills. Despite his professional commitments, his true devotion lies in the transformative power of music. The community of El Remate holds a special place in his heart, and through the Between The Strings Project, Greg continues to weave a tapestry of sound and art, creating a harmonious platform for communities worldwide to share in the magic of music.

Megan Hartman

Megan Hartman - BTS Foundation.png

Co-founder, Secretary

Megan Hartman is an accomplished Austin-based bassist and musician with over a decade of professional experience in the music industry. Hailing from a small town in Kansas, Megan's musical journey began in her family band, where she showcased her talent on a 1956 upright Kay bass and a 1964 Gibson SG.

Her musical odyssey started at the age of four when she began attending the renowned Walnut Valley Festival, fostering her passion for music. Her family's involvement in organizing the annual Acoustic Vacation float trip festival on the Elk River in Noel, MO, for 13 consecutive years further cultivated her love for music and community. Megan's professional music career commenced in 2009 with the "soul grass" ensemble Dumptruck Butterlips, where she displayed her mastery of the bass. The band graced festival stages across the United States, including notable appearances at Wakarusa and Electric Forest. In 2013, Megan relocated to the vibrant music hub of Austin, Texas, often referred to as the "Live Music Capital of the World." There, she co-founded the band Los Coast, leading to thrilling performances alongside luminaries such as Gary Clark Jr., Lukas Nelson, Twista, The Greyhounds, Talib Kweli, Common, and Nathaniel Rateliff, among others. Los Coast's musical journey also included captivating audiences at renowned festivals like ACL, SXSW, and a headlining slot at Blues on the Green. Megan's current venture, Heartchaser, a dynamic psychedelic rock ensemble, is taking Austin by storm. With notable residencies at venues like C Boys and performances on prestigious stages such as Mohawk, the band is set to release their eagerly anticipated debut album this year. Beyond her musical pursuits, Megan's commitment to making a positive impact extends to her involvement in Guatemala, where she has been dedicated to the Ix-Canaan school for the past three years, lending her support to this meaningful cause. As Co-founder and Secretary of the Between The Strings Project, Megan Hartman plays a crucial role in fostering musical talent and community engagement. Her remarkable journey as a musician and her dedication to making a difference make her a valuable asset to the world of music and beyond.

Donna Frickey

Donna Frickey - BTS Foundation.png


Donna Frickey, a native of Washington State, embarked on her musical journey in 1966. From then until 1979, she was a dedicated band member, proficient in the flute, piccolo, and oboe. Her passion for music continued to flourish as she became a mother of two band kids, nurturing a deep familial connection to the art. Donna furthered her academic pursuits by earning a BS in Accounting from the University of Washington.

In 2012, Donna co-founded the Narrows Music Society, where she served as its treasurer until 2014, playing a pivotal role in the organization's growth and commitment to musical excellence. Her dedication to the musical community is also evident in her active participation in Facebook groups such as the Colorado Original Band Community and Colorado Tribute & Cover Bands. Donna's brilliance as a musician has been a source of inspiration and collaboration, enhancing shared musical endeavors. Together, she and her peers have navigated the intricacies of musical expression, creating a harmonious blend that resonates with both personal and collective experiences. As the Treasurer of the Between The Strings Project, Donna Frickey continues to bring her expertise and passion to the forefront, fostering a vibrant musical community and ensuring the project's financial health and sustainability.

Samuel Franco Arce

Mayan Culture and Music Ambassador Guatemala

Samuel Franco Arce.jpeg

Samuel Franco Arce serves as the Mayan Culture and Music Ambassador for the Between The Strings Project. As the Director and founder of Casa K’ojom, a Cultural Rescue Center and Museum in Antigua Guatemala since 1987, Samuel is dedicated to documenting, preserving, and disseminating the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Maya communities and other cultures across the Americas, Africa, and Asia.

With a rich background in cultural preservation, Samuel brings invaluable expertise to his role. He has held leadership positions with the ICOM Guatemala National Committee, Blue Shield Guatemala National Committee, and ICOM LAC Regional Alliance. His contributions to the UNESCO program "Memory of the World" and participation in cultural emergency response networks underscore his commitment to safeguarding cultural heritage in times of crisis. Samuel's multifaceted career spans from being a label manager and A&R manager for major record labels to working as a freelance sound recording engineer for esteemed institutions like National Geographic and BBC Television. His extensive experience and dedication to cultural preservation make him an invaluable asset to the Between The Strings Project, where he continues to promote and protect Mayan music and culture.

Erin Roy

Erin Roy - BTS Foundation.png

Board Member

Between The Strings Project, guided by the visionary Erin Roy, stands as a beacon of inspiration in the realm of music education. Rooted in the vibrant energy of New York City, Erin's dedication extends globally, with impactful work in El Remate reflecting her commitment to bringing both inspiration and instruments to this transformative project.

As the driving force behind the project, Erin's proactive approach and wealth of experience have been pivotal in shaping Between The Strings' visionary mission. Her tireless efforts in creating educational pathways, evident in the development and management of school-to-college-to-career pipelines, showcase not only her expertise but also the profound impact on students and the communities they serve. Erin Roy's bio weaves together a narrative of musical prowess and educational foresight, aligning seamlessly with the project's commitment to fostering growth and expanding networks. In addition to her remarkable contributions in Latin America and connection to Guatemala, Erin expresses a keen interest in extending the project's reach to Africa. This forward-looking vision adds a new dimension to Between The Strings, demonstrating a commitment to global inclusivity and the enrichment of musical education on an international scale.

Patrick Sutton


Board Member

Patrick Sutton, a seasoned festival and event producer, and accomplished musician from Denver, Colorado, is a distinguished member of the Between The Strings Project. With an impressive 18-year track record in the music industry, Patrick has orchestrated over 20 city-wide festivals and curated more than 1000 shows.

At the forefront of the "Thrash Jazz Prog" ensemble TripLip, Patrick tours the USA and internationally, infusing each performance with high energy and a distinctive stage presence. His musical prowess extends beyond the stage, as he has played pivotal roles in managing some of Colorado's largest clubs and venues. Patrick's strategic planning skills and extensive experience are evident in his founding of the renowned venue "Mouth House" in Denver, a space that has hosted thousands of shows and welcomed musicians from around the world. His multifaceted expertise in music and event management adds a dynamic layer to the Between The Strings Project, further elevating its mission.

Javier Sepulveda

Javier Sepulveda - BTS Foundation.png

Music Education Ambassador

Javier Sepulveda is an esteemed composer and versatile guitarist, renowned for his expertise in 6, 7, 14, and 16-string guitar compositions. As the director and lead guitarist of Pulse of Nature, Javier creates a unique multi-sensory experience, blending original compositions with breathtaking visuals of nature and the universe.

Performing in planetariums and IMAX theaters, where imagery meets live music from a diverse array of global musicians, Javier's musical collaborations span a wide spectrum of genres. Whether performing solo or with a band, he has graced national and international stages, opening for many acclaimed acts. In addition to his performance career, Javier extends his musical prowess to composing for theater productions, 3D animations, and advertising campaigns. A dedicated educator, he imparts his knowledge of electric guitar through both private classes and clinics. As a music Ambassador for the Between The Strings Project, Javier brings his extensive experience and passion for music, enriching the community and inspiring the next generation of musicians.

Marco Matta

Marco Matta - BTS Foundation.png

Music Education Ambassador

Meet Marco Matta, known professionally as Big/Spin, a gifted 28-year-old music producer from Guatemala and music ambassador for the Between The Strings Project. Marco's musical journey began at the age of 8 in his church, where his passion for music first took root. Over the years, this passion has evolved, allowing him to contribute his unique sounds to both local and international collaborations.

Now venturing into a solo career, Marco is eager to explore new musical landscapes and forge meaningful connections with emerging artists. As he takes on his role with the Between The Strings Foundation, Marco brings not only his remarkable musical expertise but also a deep commitment to nurturing musical talent and fostering community connections.

Derek Smith


Board Member

Derek Smith, a South Dakota native now residing in Colorado, brings a wealth of expertise and collaboration to his role as a Board Member of the Between The Strings Project. With a rich history in the Colorado music industry, Derek has established himself as a pivotal figure, leveraging his extensive networking skills to collaborate with legendary musicians.

As the owner of a sustainable technology company, Derek's commitment to problem-solving aligns seamlessly with the project's goals. His determination and strategic vision have played a crucial role in the evolution of Between The Strings, particularly in raising awareness and contributing to the design and construction of innovative ideas. Beyond his professional endeavors, Derek's familial ties to Guatemala add a unique dimension to his involvement. Rooted in the country's music culture, his family has a legacy of philanthropy, with his great aunt having built music schools and taught children from 1970-1990. This deep connection to Guatemala's musical landscape further enriches Derek's perspective, making him an invaluable asset to the project's mission. Derek Smith's multifaceted contributions, spanning from his accomplishments in the music industry to his commitment to sustainable technology and philanthropic roots, make him an indispensable member of the Between The Strings Project.

Barry Goldwasser

Barry Goldwasser - BTS Foundation.png

Board Member

Barry Goldwasser is a multifaceted individual, celebrated as a popular educator, actor, and cultural facilitator. His rich and diverse career has seen him contribute significantly to the world of theater, education, and social change. As the founder and director of the Movement Laboratory Company in Guatemala from 2015 to 2021, Barry established a platform for artistic expression and exploration.

Beyond the stage, Barry has ventured into realms where art intersects with social issues. His directorial work, screenwriting, and acting in "Entering the Skin of Another" for the Spanish Red Cross's campaign against racism and discrimination in Castilla la Mancha, Spain, in 2013 exemplify his commitment to leveraging art for social change. Barry's global engagement is evident through his facilitation of the Migrant Theater Project in La Gloria Community, Chiapas, Mexico, in 2018, and his participation in international theater festivals across Europe. With a solid foundation in dramatic arts, including a Bachelor's degree from the National School of Art Dramatic in Guatemala, Barry's journey has been marked by a commitment to education, storytelling, and using the arts as a tool for fostering dialogue and understanding. Currently serving as a board member of the Between The Strings Project, Barry Goldwasser continues to bridge the gap between art and societal issues, leaving an indelible mark on the world of theater and education.

Anne Lossing

Anne Lossing - BTS Foundation.png

Education Ambassador Guatemala

Anne Lossing, a Canadian visionary, relocated to Guatemala in 1994 with a commitment to initiating social development projects within the rainforest communities. Collaborating with Dr. Enrique Chapeton and Eduardo Cofiño, Anne spearheaded the Project Ix-canaan medical clinic in 1995.

This initiative marked the genesis of the Ix-canaan women's group and the Ix-canaan Youth Centre, all strategically designed to deliver health, education, and opportunity to the inhabitants of the jungles of Peten. As the Education Ambassador to El Remate for the Between The Strings Project, Anne's unwavering dedication has not only realized the project's vision but has also left an indelible impact on various projects aimed at uplifting communities in Guatemala. Her efforts continue to foster growth and development, providing essential resources and opportunities to those in need.

Eduardo Cofiño

Eduardo Cofiño - BTS Foundation (2).png

Project Visionary Guatemala

Eduardo Cofiño is a distinguished leader known for his expertise and dedication in sustainable development, environmental conservation, and community leadership. His entrepreneurial spirit materialized in 1984 with the purchase of the Gringo Perdido Hotel, marking the inception of sustainable tourism in Petén, Guatemala, and setting the stage for environmental stewardship.

Eduardo's impact extends beyond entrepreneurship; he served as the Former Vice President of the Cofiño Stahl Group and played pivotal roles as a Specific Advisor for Sustainable Development of Petén during key administrations. His leadership also includes serving as the Executive Director of the Petén Development Programs, managing funds from the Inter-American Development Bank and contributing significantly to the region's growth. As President of Asociación Bien Común, Eduardo has spearheaded projects focusing on health, education, and conservation, showcasing his dedication to holistic community development. As a supporting project visionary for the Between The Strings Project, Eduardo's extensive experience, visionary leadership, and passion for positive change make him an invaluable partner in shaping the project's vision and ensuring a lasting impact.

Mark Cotton

Director of Finance and Philanthropy

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Mark Cotton BTS Foundation (1).png

Born in the Boston, Massachusetts area, Mark's family instilled in him a spirit of adventure and wanderlust. Mark has never lived in the same home, town, or state for more than five years. A Colorado "Native" based on his high school graduation, he grew up hiking and climbing the area's mountains. Wandering and traveling in "search of..." became a way of life.

This journey fostered diverse musical experiences. From the East Coast to New Orleans, San Francisco, Boulder, Mexico, Jamaica and the Caribbean Islands, Central and South America, Ireland, and beyond, music flowed like a joyful river throughout his travels—comfortable and familiar, yet always new and exciting. Professionally, this same spirit created numerous opportunities to experience many facets of the working world, from glamorous days in hospitality to careers in management and ultimately finance. Over 30 years, Mark has launched, managed, and owned various companies, establishing a broad skill set and a uniquely rounded view of people and their potential. Mark combines sound financial management and operational expertise with a vision to empower and launch successful projects in both the non-profit and innovative for-profit sectors. Between the Strings Project has the potential to span oceans, unite humans, and create a high level of communal and vibrational excellence worldwide, all while having a great time with great people.

Aldo Pineda

Aldo - BTS Foundation.png

Music Education Ambassador Belize 

Aldo Pineda, a Belizean native, has immersed himself in the world of music since the age of 10, evolving into a versatile and accomplished multi-instrumentalist. With a remarkable career spanning six years, Aldo has not only sustained himself through his musical endeavors but has become a driving force in the fusion of diverse genres and cultural instruments.

Aldo's commitment to creating something truly distinctive is evident in his focus on blending various musical styles and cultural influences. His dedication to innovation aligns seamlessly with the mission of the Between The Strings Project to foster creativity and diversity within the industry. Aldo's unique perspective is further enriched by his role at The Old House Hostel, where he has the privilege of connecting with fellow artists and musicians. Through his extensive network, Aldo brings a wealth of opportunities, including a curated selection of talented musicians and an available venue, enhancing the collaborative potential of our project. As the Music Education Ambassador to Belize and Guatemala for the Between The Strings Project, Aldo Pineda's passion for musical exploration and his valuable connections within the industry make him an invaluable asset to the project and our shared commitment to advancing the realm of music.

Tyler Weins

Travis Weins BTS Foundation.png

Board Member

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Tyler Weins, a versatile musician with roots firmly planted in the heartland of Wisconsin, brings a unique blend of experiences and influences to the stage as a board member of the Between The Strings Project. Raised against the serene landscapes of Wisconsin, Tyler's early years were steeped in the craftsmanship of home improvement contracting, providing him with a solid foundation of hard work and dedication.

At the age of 19, Tyler embarked on a journey that would shape his musical career. Venturing to Colorado and Minnesota, he immersed himself in the vibrant music scenes of both states, cultivating his craft and establishing connections that would fuel his passion for music. Throughout his twenties and into his thirties, Tyler traversed the United States, living, working, and playing alongside a diverse array of musicians and communities. A pivotal chapter in Tyler's musical odyssey unfolded on the Big Island of Hawaii, where he found himself drawn to the lush landscapes and vibrant culture of the island. Immersing himself in a jungle ecovillage, Tyler became an integral part of the local music scene, lending his talents to the band Under The Oaks while embracing the principles of permaculture and sustainable organic farming. Today, Tyler splits his time between Wisconsin, Hawaii, and Central America, embodying a harmonious balance between his love for the land and his passion for music. From the hallowed grounds of Harmony Park Music Garden in Clarks Grove, Minnesota, to the pulsating energy of music festivals nationwide, Tyler's journey has been defined by a deep reverence for community, nature, and the transformative power of music. Drawing inspiration from eclectic sources such as Wookiefoot, National Rainbow Gatherings, and indigenous spiritual traditions like the Native Hawaiian Church and Native American Church, Tyler's music resonates with authenticity and soulfulness. As a board member of the Between The Strings Project, Tyler continues to weave together his diverse experiences and musical influences, creating an enchanting tapestry of sound that invites listeners on a journey of self-discovery and connection. With a commitment to fostering community, promoting sustainability, and celebrating the universal language of music, Tyler Weins stands as a testament to the transformative power of art and the boundless possibilities that arise when passion meets purpose.

Dana Willinger

Dana Willinger -  BTS Foundation.png

Education Ambassador USA

Dana Willinger is on a thrilling mission to revolutionize traditional education by infusing it with captivating experiences and delightful "aha moments." With an impressive two decades of classroom expertise, Dana firmly believes that some of the most profound lessons occur beyond the classroom, involving community service and a deep appreciation for our wonderful planet.

In her spare time, Dana volunteers her heart and soul to organize and distribute school supplies to underprivileged school children in Jamaica, making a tangible impact on their lives. Armed with a bachelor's degree in Psychology, a Master's in Education, certification in elementary education, and expertise in teaching yoga for kids, Dana's passion for learning knows no bounds. Her mission? To inspire a love for nature, kindness, and boundless fun in every child she meets. As an Education Ambassador for the Between The Strings Project, Dana Willinger is dedicated to making learning an unforgettable adventure, enriching the lives of children through innovative and engaging educational experiences.

In Memoriam

Marlene Valdez-Pace

Marlene Valdez-Pace, a native of Pueblo, Colorado, a co-founder of the Between the Strings Project, left an indelible mark on both the Grateful Dead music scene and Colorado politics. A masterful networker, Marlene's extensive experience and dedication were pivotal in the foundation's start. Her passion for the vision in El Remate drove her to work tirelessly, raising funds for the woman's center and contributing to every aspect of the project.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Marlene was a remarkable mother to three incredible children. Her heart had a luminous quality, capable of lighting up any room. Tragically, Marlene's unexpected passing from a stroke occurred during the project's development. Her mission to infuse light and love into Between the Strings remains a guiding force, and her presence is palpable in the foundation's every endeavor.

We honor Marlene's legacy by dedicating our efforts to the dream she believed in so fervently. Concerts, fundraising initiatives, and ongoing projects will carry the spirit of her candid heart forward. Marlene's family will always be integral members of the Between the Strings family, ensuring that her memory lives on through the work she cherished. In dedicating ourselves to this cause, we celebrate the incredible woman who left an enduring impact on our hearts and the community we serve.

Warwick Lancelot Armstrong Rick Turner III BTS Foundation (1).png

Warwick Lancelot Armstrong "Rick" Turner III

On July 30, 1943, a creative force was born, destined to weave his passion for music into the very fabric of the industry. Warwick Lancelot Armstrong "Rick" Turner III, a luminary builder of guitars, basses, ukuleles, and various stringed instruments, left an indelible mark on the world of music, inspiring generations and shaping the sound of renowned artists.


Early Life and Musical Odyssey

Rick Turner's journey commenced in Marblehead, Massachusetts, where, from the age of eight, he delved into the art of crafting and repairing musical instruments. His first guitar, a harbinger of his destiny, was gifted to him at the age of 11. His formative years were marked by a passion for folk music, leading him to Boston University in 1962. There, he immersed himself in the local folk scene, undertook guitar repairs in Cambridge, and played in the band Banana and the Bunch alongside Lowell "Banana" Levinger and Michael Kane.

In 1964, the trio opened a music store in Martha's Vineyard before Turner's talents caught the attention of folk legends Ian & Sylvia, propelling him into the music scene as their touring guitarist. His musical journey continued with the psychedelic band Autosalvage, and in 1968, he relocated to Point Reyes, California.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Rick Turner's entrepreneurial spirit thrived, co-founding Alembic Inc in 1969 with Owsley "Bear" Stanley and Ron Wickersham, contributing significantly to the design and construction of Alembic instruments. In 1979, he founded Rick Turner Guitars and, in 1988, assumed the role of President of Gibson Labs West Coast R&D Division.

Leaving Gibson in 1992, Turner ventured into guitar repair at Westwood Music in Los Angeles, where he developed pioneering piezo pickup designs, collaborating with luminaries like Jackson Browne and David Crosby. Co-founding Highlander Musical Audio followed, specializing in piezo pickups for acoustic guitars.


Throughout his career, Turner built instruments for icons such as Jerry Garcia, Jack Casady, Phil Lesh, Lindsey Buckingham, Ry Cooder, David Lindley, and Andy Summers. His profound impact extended beyond his craft, inspiring the inception of the Between the Strings Foundation—a testament to his enduring influence on the world of music.


Legacy and Innovation

One of Turner's crowning achievements was the Turner Model 1 electric guitar, designed in 1979 for Fleetwood Mac guitarist Lindsey Buckingham. This groundbreaking instrument, still in use today, pioneered curved plates on the front and back to reduce standing wave hysteresis loss. Turner's patent on the graphite guitar neck, developed in 1976, further underscored his commitment to innovation.


Beyond his remarkable career, Turner generously shared his knowledge, teaching mandolin-building courses in the US and Australia and actively participating in musical instrument forums and social media groups.


A Final Note


Rick Turner's illustrious journey in the world of music reached its final chord on April 17, 2022, when he succumbed to congestive heart failure and a stroke at the age of 78. As we remember this extraordinary builder, innovator, and mentor, let us celebrate a life dedicated to the pursuit of musical excellence, forever resonating Between the Strings. The Between the Strings Project stands as a living tribute to his inspiration and an eternal acknowledgment of his timeless contributions.

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