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Our Mission

Our mission is to unite people through the transformative power of music and culture. Recognizing music as a force for positive change, we are dedicated to ensuring universal access to the enriching experience of live music and cultural events. Committed to inclusivity, we strive to provide opportunities for diverse communities, including those with limited access, to partake in live entertainment and explore new cultural horizons. Our vision is a world where everyone, regardless of income or background, can connect with their community through high-quality performances, fostering a stable and harmonious society.

Welcome to Between The Strings Foundation, a non-profit organization headquartered in Colorado, USA, and driven by a global community committed to fostering musical education and instrument accessibility for children in Guatemala and beyond. Our diverse membership spans the globe, united by a shared dedication to empowering young minds through the universal language of music.

Collaborating with musicians from the United States and around the world, our mission extends beyond musical education to cultural exchange. We actively engage with the rich musical traditions of the Mayan culture, contributing to a dynamic dialogue that transcends borders. In partnership with established organizations, we extend our impact to encompass various projects, including children's centers, dental and medical facilities, ecological initiatives, and a ceremonial women's center.

By working in tandem with fellow 501(c)(3) organizations and a network of valued partners, we pool resources to fund these vital initiatives. Our collective efforts not only bring communities together through the transformative power of music but also support projects that enhance the overall well-being of the regions we serve.

Currently, our primary focus is on Guatemala, with an ongoing commitment to extending our reach to other locations worldwide, including the United States. Join us as we harmonize hearts, bridge communities, and inspire the world through the impactful fusion of music and meaningful social causes.

Our Mission

About Us



Between the Strings Foundation is deeply committed to preserving and promoting indigenous Mayan musical traditions while integrating them with contemporary music theory. Our primary focus extends to the vibrant communities of El Remate and Ixlu, Guatemala, where we are spearheading flagship projects aimed at celebrating and sustaining these rich cultural legacies.

In El Remate, our flagship project is dedicated to establishing a comprehensive music education program that harmoniously blends Mayan traditions with modern music theory. This initiative celebrates native Mayan instruments through teachings, workshops, and performances, all intricately woven with fundamental principles of music theory. By collaborating with local instructors, renowned musicians, and instrument artisans, we cultivate a vibrant musical community that not only honors the ancient Mayan traditions but also embraces the theoretical underpinnings of music.

Expanding our efforts to Ixlu, we are embarking on a transformative project that seeks to revitalize indigenous Mayan musical traditions while incorporating essential aspects of music theory. This initiative mirrors our endeavors in El Remate, aiming to provide a comprehensive music education program that integrates Mayan musical practices with contemporary theoretical frameworks. Through partnerships with local stakeholders and cultural leaders, we aim to create dynamic hubs for musical exchange and creativity where traditional Mayan melodies intertwine with modern harmonies and rhythms.

Central to our mission in both El Remate and Ixlu is the creation of dynamic centers equipped with cutting-edge studios, sound facilities, and versatile spaces for educational activities, concerts, and cultural events. These centers will serve as platforms for exploring the intricate relationship between Mayan traditions and music theory, offering opportunities for cross-cultural dialogue and artistic innovation.

We're dedicated to working alongside indigenous groups who craft these instruments, envisioning a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation that enriches both communities. Through this fusion, we aim to empower the communities of El Remate and Ixlu, utilizing music as a universal language to bridge cultures and inspire positive change. Join us in our journey to harmonize Mayan traditions with music theory, as we embark on this transformative musical endeavor in Guatemala.
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Studio Microphone

Instrument Donation

Helping Those Who Need Us Most

Our collaborative project bridges native instrument artisans with worldwide manufacturing efforts. Our network is dedicated to acquiring specific handmade native instruments like flutes, turtle shell drums, and marimbas, supporting artisans and communities involved in crafting them through initial fundraising. As the Strings Foundation grows, we're partnering with music manufacturers to secure instrument donations. We're also organizing workshops for people to learn instrument crafting. Additionally, we're setting up a system to accept old instrument donations to build an education center focused on preserving and teaching the art of instrument making. Send instrument donations to: Between The Strings Foundation 4343 County Road 6 #A Erie, CO 80516

Community Center

The Future Looks Bright

Recording Studio

Making Change Possible

The intention behind building the Between The Strings Music Sanctuary is to create a collaborative space that unites musicians and cultures through the integration of technology and the expertise of world-class sound engineers. The project aims to foster a global community by seeking funding and contributions from music manufacturers worldwide, envisioning a space where creativity flourishes and diverse musical expressions come together harmoniously.

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It is our profound privilege to partner with Project Ix-canaan, Casa K'ojom, Dentistry For All, and Asociación Bien Común, as we unite our efforts to forge a new beacon of cultural enrichment.
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Project Ix-canaan

Project Ix-canaan is partnering with Between the Strings Foundation to empower the local Mayan community to be stewards of their precious rainforests. Emerging in 1995, amidst the final echoes of a civil war, Project Ix-canaan provides educational, medical, dental, and women's and children's services.

Casa K'ojom

BetweenTheStrings is proud to collaborate with Casa Ko'jom, a cherished haven for education and preservation. Casa K'ojom is a non-profit and private documentation center, wholly devoted to the exploration, safeguarding, and propagation of the rich tapestry of traditional Mayan music, thriving within the heart of Guatemala. 

Dentistry For All

DFA volunteer dentists are extraordinary individuals, generously donating their time and resources to support efforts in Central America,  with a center in El Remate. Some are major donors, providing crucial financial and material support. Others make significant personal and professional sacrifices to join missions, covering their own travel, accommodation, and support staff expenses. 

Asociación Bien Común

Asociacion Bien Comun (ABC) fosters the common good through initiatives in health, education, culture, environment, and technology. ABC's mission is to provide young people with opportunities for development while actively contributing to the preservation of Petén.

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Rick Turner Guitars proudly partners with Between the Strings Foundation to harmonize our passion for exceptional craftsmanship with a commitment to fostering musical education and accessibility. This collaboration epitomizes the seamless fusion of artistry and philanthropy, as we join forces to create lasting melodies that resonate beyond strings and into the hearts of aspiring musicians worldwide. Visit for more.

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News & Updates

It gives us tremendous pride to be recognized for all of the hard work we do here at Between The Strings. Explore some of our latest media features below. Do they inspire you to get involved? Don’t hesitate to reach out!
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